Fish, baby!
King Salmon              $13
Blue Grenadier         $11
Flake                          $12
Rockling                    $13

Barramundi               $15
But how?
Crispy Fried Batter

A bit more

Potato Cake             $1.5

Dim Sim                    $2.5

5 Fish Bites               $6
Calamari                   $1.5

(Salt and pepper)

3 Onion Rings          $1.50
8 Potato Gems        $3


Oh, and the chips

Crispy Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Fries

Small / Medium / Large
   5     /       7       /     10

    Sweet potato +$2



Royalty Packs


The four 10’s

All these packs are for one person

$10 each


King - Five fish bites, small chips, potato cake

Queen - Five fish bites, salad

Jack – Two potato cake, dim sim, salad

Joker – Three calamari, onion rings, chips


School of Fish                      $5

Kids in school uniform, this pack’s just for you!


A handful of chips, two fish bites and a

potato cake


Pearl Clutch                         $20
Fish of your choice, small salad and small

chips(add $3 for rockling add $5 for barraumdi)


Fit for a King                        $17

Flake, small chips

2 potato cakes OR 1 potato cake and 3 onion rings


The King and Queen           $22

Ten fish bites, two potato cakes, medium chips, two calamari


Two Queens                         $37

Two pieces of blue grenadier, two potato cakes, two dim sims, small chips, small salad


Couple’s Basket                  $44

Two fish of your choice, four calamari, medium salad, medium chips (add$6 for salmon /rockling $16 for barramundi)


The 46                                  $46

Two pieces of blue grenadier, four calamari, four dim sim, four potato cakes, large chips


Family Jewels                       $68    
Four pieces of flake, four potato cakes, four dim sims, large chips, large drink


Queen of Hearts                 $83

Four flake, six potato cakes, six dim sims, large salad, large chips, large drink


The Royal Family and Friends      $112

Six flake, six potato cakes, six onion rings, six calamari, large chips. Plus two large salads OR two large drinks and more chips



Palace Salads

These bowls are nutrient-dense and flavour-intense. 



King Kale

Our leafy superstar pairs his pesto with roast pumpkin and ok, sweet potato too! 

Prismatic Prince

Juicy pomegranate seeds have their way with peas, carrot, beetroot and corn. Oh you want baby beans? You got ‘em, zipping with lemon and apple cider vinaigrette.

Ice Queen

Crispy iceberg and cucumber crunch with green olives, tomato and parsley. Our Queen is dressed in white balsamic tang and fine Italian olive oil- she’s fancy! 


Princess and the Pea

A little black rice, a little red onion, a dash of radish and snappy capsicum plus His Highness’s finest spinach, chickpeas and sesame.

Small / Large

   6     /     10

(please note, add $3.00 per pack for salmon, and $2.00 for sweet potato chips)

Some prices may differ in store so please ask about pricing when you call, and don't to forget to mention if it's a gluten free order